Roadside Stands

Roadside stands are just about everywhere in Lancaster County and add a colorful touch to the scenery. Since you will be buying directly from the producer without any middleman, you can enjoy some of your best savings from anything from freshly picked fruit and vegetables, meat, baked goods, crafts, folk art, home-made quilts and so on.

In fact some of the freshest produce can be found at these stands. Usually the fruits and vegetables have been picked that very same day. Many locals prefer to bypass the local markets in order to shop at their favorite stand.

These stands or wagons are found alongside most roads whether heavily traveled or just lightly traveled. Usually they are run by local Amish farmers but anyone with a surplus to sell can be found offering their wares.

A particular large number of craft and produce stands can be found on PA 340. Near New Holland and Ephrata, along Route 322, a large number of these stands can also be found. In fact, the area is known as "Cantaloupe Alley due to the large number of local farmers selling their produce.

One thing to remember is that roadside stands which specialize in fresh produce tend to be seasonal. So, these stands may not be open throughout the year. On the other hand, the stands which specialize in baked goods, folk art, crafts, quilts, and furniture tend to be open throughout most of the year.

In any case, nearly all of the roadside stands tend to be closed on Sundays or on days when the weather is so bad that the owner doesn't find it worthwhile to open up.

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