When To Come? Now!

Everyone planning a vacation or trip asks themselves variations of the same questions: "When to Come?" or "How can I avoid the crowds of the tourist season" or "Are there things to do during the winter months."

I suppose my answer is that the best time to come is anytime. You see, a visit to Lancaster County is not like a trip to the beach or to a ski resort. You are visiting a special culture and community. There are things to do and see, food to eat, and antiques and crafts to buy through out the year.

Since there are different special events scheduled throughout the year, any time you come will offer a different experience.

Having said that, it is true that there are some things to consider. Because of the warm weather and because the kids are off from school, summertime tends to be the busiest time of year.

This, of course, means that there will be more traffic, crowds in some places, and the possibility that your favorite hotel or Bed & Breakfast might be all booked up. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you are planning on visiting during the summer months, before to make all reservations at least three months in advance.

On the other hand, while the winter months are quiet and relaxed, some attractions and Bed & Breakfasts tend to be closed. So, if you wish to visit Lancaster County during the off-season, it is a good idea to plan ahead. While there are always things to do throughout the year, careful preparation will ensure that you have the most fun during you visit.

Because of the many local community events that take place throughout the year, you may wish to choose your trip around these one-of-kind cultural experiences.

Finally, you may want to base your decision on when to come upon the weather. Lancaster County enjoys four distinct season which are similar to those of any city on the East Coast. While summers tend to be mild, there are times when the temperature reaches over 90 degrees and thundershowers may occur. Likewise, winter travel always runs the risk of a snowstorm. So, plan accordingly.

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