Lancaster County Covered Bridges: Facts and Figures

Hunnsecker's Mill Covered Bridge
Hunnsecker's Mill covered bridge

Bridge NameLocationCreekYear BuiltLength
Baumgardner'sEast of Marticville. Off Route 324 S. on Covered Bridge RoadPequea1860116 Feet
Bucher'sReamstown. Off Route 272 N. on Cocalico RoadCocalico188160 Feet
Buck HillThis bridge is located on private property south of Kissel Hill off Route 501 N. Pond184458 Feet
ColemanvilleSouth of Colemanville. Off Route 324 S. on Fox Hollow RoadPequea1856167 Feet
Eberly's MillNorth of Fairmount. Off Route 222 N. on Cider Mill RoadConestoga184699 Feet
Samuel Erb'sNorth of Rothsville. Off Route 772 E. on Erb's Bridge Road Hammer188780 Feet
Forry's MillSilver Spring. Off Route 23 W. on Bridge Valley RoadChickies1869103 Feet
Herr's MillSouthwest of Soudersburg. Off Route 896 S. on Old S. Ronks RoadPequea1844178 Feet
Hunnsecker'sNorth of Hunsecker. Off Route 23 E. and 222 North on Hunsecker RoadConestoga1843180 Feet
Jackson's MillEast of Quarryville. Off Route 372 E. on Mount Pleasant Road.Octorara1878142 Feet
Kauffman'sSouthwest of Manheim. Off Route 72 N. on Sun Hill Road.Chickies187496 Feet
Keller'sNorth of Akron. Off Route 272 N. on Rettew Hill RoadCocalico189174 Feet
Kurtz'Lancaster County Park, Lancaster. Off Route 222 S. on Kiwanis Drive.Mill187695 Feet
Landis MillOff Route 741 N. on Shreiner Station Road by Park City CenterConestoga187353 Feet
Lime ValleyLive Valley. Off Route 222 S. on Breneman Road. Pequea1871104 Feet
Mercer's MillSouth of Christiana. Off Route 372 E. on Creek RoadOctorara1880103 Feet
Neff's MillSoutheast of Lampeter. Off Route 222 S. On Penn Grant RoadPequea1875103 Feet
ParadiseNortheast of Paradise. Off Route 30 E on Belmont Road Pequea1893113 Feet
Pine GrovePine Grove at county line. Off Route 272 S. On Ashville RoadOctorara1884200 Feet
PinetownSouth of Oregon. Off Route 222 N. on Pinetown RoadConestoga1867133 Feet
Pool ForgeChurchtown. Off Route 23 E. on Pool Forge RoadConestoga185999 Feet
Red RunRed Run. Off Route 322 E. along Gristmill Road.Muddy1866119 Feet
Risser's MillNorth of Mount Joy. Off Route 230 W. on Pleasant Road.Chickies187268 Feet
Rose HillEast of Brownstown. Off Route 272 N. on Log Cabin RoadCocalico184989 Feet
Schenck's Mill North of Salunga. Off Route 230 W. on Erisman Road.Chickies185596 Feet
Seigrist'sNorthwest of Silver Spring. Off Route 23 W. on Seigrist.Chickies1885101 Feet
Shearer'sMemorial Park, Manheim. Off Route 72 N. on Adele Avenue.Chickies185689 Feet
Weaver's MillNorth of Goodville. Off Route 897 N. on Weaverland RoadConestoga187888 Feet
White RockWhite Rock. Off Route 272 S. on Academy Road.Octorara184787 Feet
Willow HillAlong Route 30 E. near 896 intersectionMill196272 Feet

These fact and figures on Lancaster County covered bridges have been compiled from Guide to the Amish Country, Bill Simpson, Pelican Publishing Company,1992.

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