Blue Ball

The town of Blue Ball is a quiet farming community located at the intersection of Routes 23 and 322 in eastern Lancaster County. Originally, it was settled by Welsh immigrants. Later, a wave of Germans who had emigrated from Europe made the town their home.

Many visitors wonder where the town received its unusual name. It is believed that the Blue derived from the abundant natural springs found in the area. These natural springs are so noteworthy that the Native Americans residing in the region called the springs "Blue Google" referring to the gurgling or running waters.

These natural springs were so essential to the founding of the town that early settlers even built their homes over the springs. This conveniently allowed them to have access to the water inside.

It is believed that the Ball portion of the name came later. Around 1766, a popular hotel was built in the area. A distinctive symbol of the hotel was a large copper ball that was painted blue.

For locals and visitors to Pennsylvania Dutch Country, a popular culinary attraction is New Holland Meats located 1/2 miles west of the intersection of Routes 23 and 322. The outlet store is at 1016 West Main Street.

Originally founded in 1927, the meat market sells many Pennsylvania Dutch meat specialties such as sweet bologna, sugar-cured bacon, scrapple, and filled or unfilled pig stomachs. New Holland Meats is particularly famous for its Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky which is a specialty of the house.

Their specialty meats can also be found on Tuesdays at Root's Country Market & Auction in Manheim as well as at the Green Dragon Farmers' Market in Ephrata on Fridays.

If you are visiting the region on a weekend, be warned. The actual New Holland Meats store is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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