Amish Barn Raising

Amish Community Unites for Traditional Barn Building

Amish Barn Raising
Community Support is Very Important to the Amish of Lancaster County. Here Amish Men Get Together to Build A Barn for a Neighbor in Need

An Amish barn raising is an important example of the selfless practice of assisting one's relatives, neighbors and community through life's many hardships that characterizes the Amish people of Lancaster County. It is such close-knit devotion and loyalty that has protected the community over the generations.

The Amish religion emphasizes the necessity of brethren to bear the burdens of each other. As we have seen, Amish culture depends on its survival upon the closeness of its community in opposition to the hostile forces of the modern, world.

This commandment to help one another for life through financial ruin, disaster, fire, and sickness is even more important in light of the fact that the Amish routinely refuse governmental aid programs, farm subsidies, or other national assistance.

When a fire strikes and destroys the barn of a member of the community, neighboring farmers come from all around bringing tools, hay, and other articles to help the family in need.

As the fire is extinguished and the ground cools down, neighbors immediately begin to remove the debris. Within a matter of a day or two, two or three hundred Amish men and boys unite and rebuild the barn.

The Amish women also help by preparing and serving food to the hungry workers. Amish children also assist by running errands for the adults.

If money is unavailable to purchase supplies and lumbar, the congregation steps in and buys whatever is required.

In fact, the Amish barn raising experience becomes a social occasion bonding the families and neighbors in mutual assistance. Tragedy is turned into hope, and joyful playing can be seen among the children.

This act of neighbors helping neighbors is not isolated to slow periods in the harvest season. Even during the peak of the harvest season, church members will come to the aid of their stricken neighbor and assist in his harvest before their own.

Red Amish Barn
A Newly Built Red Amish Barn in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

The practice of barn raising and the virtue of helping others in need is not limited to helping only those in their own community. They even assist those outside their community.

An example can be seen with the Mennonite Disaster Service which is a network of volunteer Mennonite and Amish men women and children who mobilize to help clean up and rebuild during national and local disasters.

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